Welcome to our resurrected blog! Over the years, we have had many questions from our clients about design and construction: How do I hire an architect? What drawings do I need? How do I decide whether or not to install radiant flooring? Since we have learned lot over the years (and we kind of like to hear ourselves talk), we thought it would be fun to start sharing our insights.

The first topic we’ll discuss over the coming months is Design Build. As you may have noticed in our logo and on our website, AT6 isn’t just an architecture firm; we are a design build team. In other words, we actually build some of our designs. But what does that really mean? How is that any different from a regular architect or contractor? Check back soon for our thoughts!

We will also be tackling Sustainability. Yes, we know there is a glut of information about green building practices; we would rather discuss how we make decisions about incorporating sustainable principles into our projects.

As we explore these and other topics, we welcome your comments and questions here on the blog and directly, by calling or emailing us. We hope you find these discussions helpful.